Window Shades 

The bathroom, big furnishings, and electronics are typically where you focus the most when you picture your ideal home. Now, if you’re having trouble deciding which style will work best in your house, our selections for window treatments should help. The characteristics and design elements of various window shades, such as roller shades, Roman shades, woven wood blinds, cellular shades, and pleated shades, will make your house look beautiful. Each of them has its advantages, functions, and characteristics. For any space in your house, we’ll help you locate the ideal solution by assisting you in understanding the differences.

Types Of Window Shades 

window shades
  • Roller Shades 

A room’s style might be complemented with roller shades because they are simple and contemporary. Simple as they sound, roller shades may be swiftly extended or unrolled to help reduce glare in your home. The shade material is rolled up at the top of the window.

  • Roman Shades 

Roman shades got their name from their traditional look, inspired by Coliseum awnings from the Roman era. Roman shades are distinguished by their exquisitely folded materials, which can be rapidly brought up or down. You can adjust it as per the time of day and the amount of light needed.

  • Cellular Shades 

Due to the construction of the shade material, cellular shades have the unrivaled potential to increase insulation and control temperature. Air is trapped within the unique honeycomb cellular structure, insulating the house from heat and cold. Cellular shades also provide excellent privacy.

  • Pleated Shades 

Pleated window shades give your home a traditional look and feel with their distinctive crisp folds. We offer our contemporary take on this classic design, along with a stunning two-inch large pleat that will look best in any area of your house. Pleated shades have lovely finishes in various pastels and bright colours, including Japanese Paper, Spring Pleat, and more, thanks to the diverse materials.

  • Woven Wood Shades 

Another interesting choice for your home is woven wood shades. As their name suggests, weaved wooden blinds are characterized by lovely wood, and other natural elements woven together. They’re a well-liked option for many households. You can choose a few wood shade styles, including waterfall, cascade, standard, and roller. Each has a distinctive appearance and feel, with warm, earthy overtones that can only come from woven wood.

Why Choose Blinds Shop Dubai For Buying Window Shades?

We provide more than 400 unique fabrics for window shades, including chic prints. We offer materials to blackout shades that block all light, sheer to medium light-filtering fabrics, and intermediate choices, such as the double roller, that can help you manage privacy. You may find it here whether you’re looking for a traditional white sheer shade or a quirky floral print. Are you trying to find the perfect shade for your style? 

window shades

For assistance selecting the ideal shade style to put the finishing touch to your house, visit your neighborhood showroom or get in touch with our design specialists. Additionally, we provide free design consultations and the option to obtain free swatches to select the ideal combination for your home design. Start today by creating your ideal window shades!